Certified European pork

Transparent quality

Certified European pork’s transparent quality is made up of two things. First: its 100% traceability. Thanks to careful logging, you can trace our product back to any point in the supply chain; from the pig’s feed to meat processing. Second: European pork meets the highest standards. This way, you’ll always be assured of our pork’s safety and quality.

  • 100% traceability
  • meeting the highest safety and quality requirements

Tailor-made by the Belgian meat supplier

Belgium’s efficient and modern meat processing industry is particularly known for its flexibility. At the same time, your needs are unique. That’s why the Belgian meat suppliers want to cooperate closely with you to work out the tailor-made solution you need. Come and visit us at one of the upcoming trade fairs.

Let’s meet at Sial China!



New Int.
Expo Centre

Hall E6
Booth N° C001

SIAL China is the place and time to discover certified European pork: experience its transparent quality, find out all about its 100% traceability, and see how it meets the highest requirements. At the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, the independent Belgian meat suppliers will present to you their tailor-made service and support.

Belgian Meat Office welcomes you to SIAL China:
Date: May 16th 2018 – May 18th 2018
Location: Shanghai, China
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Hall W1-W5, E1-E7, N5
No. 2345 Long Yang Rd. 1# South Lobby (Near Fang Dian Rd)
Contact: info@sialchina.cn
You can find Belgian Meat Office in Hall E6 stand C001. Prepare your visit at www.sialchina.com.

Discover certified European pork at SIAL China

Tailor-made is our middle name. So, we’ll gladly make time for you at SIAL China. Just let us know when you’ll visit the trade fair, and then we’ll meet at the Belgian Meat Office booth, Hall E6 stand F006.


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Somewhere, a Belgian meat supplier is ready to offer a European pork solution tailored to your needs. Leave your contact details and find the meat supplier that’s most fit to help you.


These Belgian meat suppliers welcome you to SIAL China