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Belgium fertile soil in the center of europe

The country of Belgium is the perfect place to begin our story. Located in the very center of Europe and close to the UK, it is a fertile soil for ideas, innovations and entrepreneurship. Much like in the rest of Europe, you’ll find generations of perfectionists who seek to bring safe, high quality meat to the market.

Experts in every link of the chain

From the production of feed to veterinary services to the slaughterhouses and cutting plants – each next link in the chain is as important as the previous. That’s why in every part of the process, you’ll find professionals who are expert in their field, and who are passionate about their job.

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Transparent quality pork, brought to the world

Europe is a huge exporter of pork, with more than 920,000 tons going out to 60 countries.

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Minimum risk for maximum food safety and quality

In Europe, we take food quality and safety very seriously. That’s why we subject our process to extensive internal and external audits, carried out by independent bodies. In this way, we can carefully assess any possible risk and take action when necessary.

  • ISO 9001: Risk assessment, programming and planning
  • ISO 17020: Implementation of the plan by PCUs
  • ISO 17025: Performance of analyses by the laboratories
  • EMAS: Gauges the entire process

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Integrated inspection from farm to fork

When it comes to inspection, Belgium is a leading example within Europe. With frequent checks, audits and real-time traceability from farm to fork, we have one overarching control institution keeping a close eye on the entire chain – a feat that is unique in Europe.


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